The echo that broke the silence
Start anew, beginning a start
The battle has come, two will enter... one will fall.
Neptunes finest, the thoughts of carnage lay with them.
The beginning will start with the few!
It doesn't always rain in Havana.
Keep a collection in your pocket.
The season of war is coming closer!
A new land for a new student.
Live or die, burn or drown...So many alternatives to such a grim fate.
The heats leaving a war scar,
charming road ahead for a journey of the wicked.
children shall oppose the mechanical lords
The battle has just turned for the worst.
With one defeated, only one stands!
The storm is beginning to resurface
life of death, select your option.
Face off against the champion of the Droid Empire!
The world isn't a mine field anymore
walk around, listen around, look around, and run around
The battle for Neptune and the solar system satellites has begun!
among the creations of the few can bring about something greater than you could dare to dream!